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Oxidized Bitumen 115/15

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What is Oxidized Bitumen 115/15?

All kinds of oxidized bitumen are known as hard bitumen or blown asphalt in different parts of the world. Oxidized bitumen 115/15 is a valuable type of this material. This type can be used in many different areas, which makes it unique. Having water and weather resistance, it is generally used in the construction industry.

Production Process of Oxidized Bitumen 115/15

The production process of oxidized bitumen 115/15 involves controlled air exposure and heat, leading to the oxidation of conventional bitumen. Here is the basic production process for this material.

Controlled Air Exposure: We start by exposing regular bitumen to the air in a carefully controlled manner.

Heat Treatment: The exposed bitumen undergoes heat treatment, contributing to the oxidation process.

Molecular Structure Adjustment: Through this meticulous process, we adjust the molecular structure of the bitumen.

Higher Softening Points: The outcome is a product with elevated softening points, making it more resilient.

Greater Temperature Resistance: The adjusted molecular structure enhances the bitumen’s resistance to temperature fluctuations.

Versatile Material: The final product is a versatile material suitable for a wide range of industries.

Reliability in Every Application: Oxidized Bitumen 115/15 offers reliability and durability, ensuring excellent performance in diverse applications.

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Technical Advantages of Oxidized Bitumen 115/15

Oxidized Bitumen 115/15 boasts several technical advantages that set it apart from traditional bitumen.

Increased Softening Point:

Oxidized Bitumen 115/15 exhibits a higher softening point compared to traditional bitumen which has softening point from 35 to 70 degrees Celsius.

Improved Resistance to Aging:

This type of bitumen shows enhanced resistance to aging, contributing to its longevity.

Suitability for Road Construction:

The elevated softening point and resistance to aging make Oxidized Bitumen 115/15 an excellent choice for road construction.

Applicability in Roofing Projects:

Its technical advantages make it well-suited for use in roofing projects.

Ideal for Waterproofing:

The bitumen’s properties make it an effective solution for waterproofing applications.

Enhanced Durability:

The product offers increased durability, ensuring a longer lifespan in various applications.

Weather Resistance:

Oxidized bitumen 115/15 demonstrates improved weather resistance, making it reliable even in challenging environmental conditions.

Versatility for Tailored Applications:

Its compatibility with various additives allows for customization, making it a versatile solution for specific and tailored applications.


How to Apply Oxidized Bitumen 115/15

When it comes to applying Oxidized Bitumen 115/15, precision is key. Whether you’re working on road projects, roofing installations, or waterproofing tasks, understanding the right application methods is crucial. You should consult with industry experts to determine the most suitable techniques for your specific project, ensuring optimal results and longevity.

How to Store and Handle Oxidized Bitumen 115/15

You should store oxidized bitumen 115/15 in a cool and dry place. In addition, you should keep the material away from direct sunlight and heat resources.

To prevent unwanted reactions, you should try to maintain a well-ventilated storage area.

You should follow the safety guidelines while handling the material. For example, you should wear protective gear to prevent any unwanted harm.

According to product specifications, you should create a specific storage and handling process

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