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Bitumen 115/15 and Its Wide Range of Use 

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Bitumen 115/15

The process of producing bitumen 115/15 involves blowing air through the bitumen at high temperatures which alters its physical properties. As a result of this process, Bitum-en Oxidized 115 15 becomes more rubber-like and less viscous than its original form. Therefore, it results in resistance to water and temperature variations. 

The numerical designation “115/15” in oxidized bitumen refers to its penetration and softening point grades. The ‘115’ indicates the penetration grade, which measures the hardness or softness of the bitumen. Lower numbers represent harder materials. The ’15’ denotes the softening point in Celsius which reflects the temperature at which the bitumen becomes flexible.

Where can You Use Bitumen 115/15? 

Due to its enhanced durability and resistance to extreme weather conditions, you can apply oxidized bitum-en 115/15 in various industrial applications. Common uses of bitumen 115-15 can be summarized as below: 

Bitumen 115/15 In Construction and Building Industry 

In the construction and building industries, oxidized bitum-en 115/15 plays a pivotal role. It is widely used in roofing applications, providing a waterproof and durable layer that stands up to environmental elements. This material is essential in manufacturing shingles, roll goods, and built-up roofing felts. Additionally, its use in sealing and insulating buildings enhances the structural integrity and energy efficiency of constructions. The adhesive properties of oxidized bitumen 115/15 also make it a valuable additive in various construction materials, improving their durability and performance.

In construction, oxidized bitum-en 115/15’s water-resistant properties ensure long-lasting roofing solutions, significantly reducing maintenance costs. Its thermal stability and insulating capabilities enhance energy efficiency, making buildings more sustainable. The material’s adhesive quality also improves the structural integrity of various construction elements.

Bitumen 115/15 Road Construction and Maintenance

bitu-men Oxidized 115/15 is crucial in road construction and maintenance. Its application in pavement construction, crack sealing, and repairs contributes significantly to the longevity and resilience of road surfaces. This bitum-en variant offers enhanced resistance against temperature fluctuations and heavy traffic, ensuring road durability and safety.

For road surfaces, the enhanced durability and temperature resistance of bitumen oxidized 115/15 make it ideal for withstanding heavy traffic and varying climatic conditions. This leads to longer road life and reduced repair frequency, and offers cost-effective solutions for infrastructure development.

Industrial Applications Of Bitumen Oxidized 115/15

In terms of industrial settings, Bitumen oxidized 115/15 finds its use in the production of bitum-en based coatings, insulating agents, and impregnating materials. Its properties make it an excellent choice for coating and protecting metals against corrosion, particularly in harsh industrial environments. Additionally, it is used in the manufacturing of rubber and plastic products, where it enhances the strength and longevity of these materials.

In industrial applications, its corrosion resistance property is a major advantage, protecting metals and structures in aggressive environments. Its binding capability with rubber and plastics enhances the quality and lifespan of these products. Therefore, it offers industrial efficiency and sustainability.

Oxidized Bitumen 115/15 Usage In Paint and Varnish Manufacturing

The production of paints, lacquers, and varnishes significantly benefits from bitumen oxidized 115/15. This material provides a robust base for asphalt-based paints used in corrosion protection. Its ability to bind well with other components makes it an ideal choice for creating durable and effective protective coatings.

Bitum-en Oxidized 115/15 provides a strong and durable base for paints and varnishes, ensuring long-term protection against environmental factors. Its excellent adhesive properties ensure uniform application that enhances the aesthetic and functional quality of coatings.

Electrical and Hydraulic Applications

Bitumen Oxidized 115/15 is also utilized in electrical and hydraulic applications. It serves as an adhesive in electrical laminates and is used in hydraulic applications due to its excellent sealing properties. This versatility extends the material’s utility beyond conventional construction uses.

The material’s sealing efficiency is crucial in electrical and hydraulic applications, preventing leaks and ensuring the smooth functioning of systems. This reliability is essential in sectors where precision and safety are paramount.

Textile and Paper Industries

In the textile and paper-pulp-board industries, bitu-men oxidized 115/15 is employed as a processing agent. Its characteristics enhance the quality and durability of products in these sectors that showcases its multifaceted utility.

In these industries, oxidized 115-15 enhances the strength and durability of products. This contributes to higher quality standards. Its versatility in processing applications makes it a valuable asset in the manufacturing process.

Environmental and Recreational Uses

Environmentally, bitumen oxidized 115/15 is used in lining public works structures, contributing to environmental conservation efforts. In the recreational sector, it forms the base for synthetic turf that highlights its diverse applications.

Bitu-men Oxidized 115/15 aids in creating safe and durable linings for public works structures, thus contributing to environmental protection. In recreational applications, its role in synthetic turf base layers adds to the durability and resilience of sports fields.

Specialized Uses of Bitumen 115/15

Specifically, bitu-men oxidized 115/15 is vital in bitum-en paint manufacturing and oil well drill fluids. These specialized applications underscore the material’s adaptability and efficacy in niche markets.

The material’s unique properties make it ideal for specialized applications like bitumen paint manufacturing, offering exceptional protection in oil well drill fluids and ensuring operational efficiency in challenging conditions.

Properties of Bitumen 115/15

The special properties of bitu-men oxidized 115/15 offer sought-after solutions in various industries. These properties can be listed as follows: 

  • This material is designed to withstand extreme weather conditions, heavy usage, and environmental stress, making it a long-lasting solution in applications such as road construction, roofing, and industrial coatings.
  • Its ability to repel water effectively makes it an ideal choice for waterproofing applications.
  • The high softening point of the material is particularly beneficial in hot climates or in applications where the material is exposed to elevated temperatures, as it helps maintain its shape and effectiveness.
  • The low penetration grade of this material signifies its hardness and lower susceptibility to deformation under pressure.
  • The thermal stability of bitu-men oxidized 115/15 ensures consistent performance and reliability. 
  • This material exhibits a strong resistance to various chemicals, making it an ideal choice for industrial environments where exposure to chemicals is a concern.

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