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Oxidized Bitumen 85/30

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What is oxidized bitumen 85/30?

Oxidized bitumen 85/30 is a specialized form of bitumen renowned for its enhanced properties. Just like other bituminous products, this type can also be called blown asphalt or hard bitumen. Because, according to regions, the descriptions may change.

This particular grade, 85/30, signifies its penetration and softening point characteristics. The softening point of the material is 85 degrees Celsius. In addition, the penetration level is 30 desi millimeters. Derived from crude oil through a meticulous oxidation process, it boasts increased hardness and durability, making it an ideal choice for road construction and other significant applications.

oxidized bitumen applications

Production Process of Oxidized Bitumen 85/30

The creation of oxidized bitumen 85/30 involves a precise oxidation process where air is introduced to heated bitumen under controlled conditions. This process transforms the molecular structure of bitumen, resulting in a hardened and resilient material. The specific conditions during production dictate the grade, with 85/30 being a testament to its superior quality and characteristics.

The special characteristics of the material lead it to be applied in different areas such as painting and primer, roof sheets, lamination, adhesive, flooring, and carpet sealing.


Technical Advantages of Oxidized Bitumen 85/30

  • Oxidized bitumen 85/30 exhibits a higher softening point compared to traditional bitumen, providing superior resistance to temperature variations. This ensures the material remains stable and resilient, making it well-suited for diverse climates in road construction projects.
  • The advanced formulation of the material imparts exceptional resistance to extreme temperatures, ensuring stability in both hot and cold weather conditions. This characteristic minimizes the risk of deformation and rutting, contributing to the overall durability of the constructed infrastructure.
  • It is known for its enhanced durability, offering prolonged service life in comparison to conventional bitumen. This makes it a reliable choice for high-traffic areas, extending the lifespan of road surfaces and other construction projects.
  • One of the standout features of this bitumen type is its superior adhesion properties, which promote strong bonding with various aggregates and substrates.
  • This blown asphalt type exhibits remarkable resistance to oxidation and aging, maintaining its structural integrity over an extended period.


How to Apply Oxidized Bitumen (85/30)

The application of oxidized bitumen 85/30 requires careful consideration of project specifications and environmental factors. Please check below to see the application instructions:

Heating the Bitumen

  • Start by heating the material to achieve the optimal viscosity for application.
  • Use a controlled heating process to ensure the bitumen reaches the right consistency without overheating.

Surface Preparation

  • Before application, ensure that the surface is clean, dry, and free from debris.
  • Repair any cracks or irregularities in the substrate to create a smooth and even surface for the bitumen.

Application Technique

  • Use a brush, spray, or other appropriate tools for application, depending on your project requirements.
  • Apply the heated material uniformly over the designated surface, ensuring even coverage.

Curing Time

  • Allow sufficient time for the material to cure and set.
  • The curing time may vary depending on environmental conditions, so be patient and follow the recommended guidelines.

How to Store and Handle

You should keep 85/30 of the material at room temperature. In addition, the place where you keep your material should be away from acid and fire.

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