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Oxidized Bitumen 85/40

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What is Oxidized Bitumen 85/40?

Oxidized bitumen 85/40 represents a significant advancement in construction materials. It is specifically formulated to possess a penetration grade of 85 and a softening point of 40. This grade offers enhanced viscosity and temperature resilience. Its applications span a wide range, with a primary focus on road construction and other critical construction projects.

This bitumen type can be used in industries such as:

  • Road construction
  • Crack sealing
  • Waterproofing
  • Roofing
  • Manufacturing construction materials
  • Undercoating
  • Corrosion protection
  • Thermal isolation

oxidized bitumen applications

Production Process of Oxidized Bitumen 85/40

The production process of oxidized bitumen 85/40 is a precise and controlled method, ensuring the material attains the desired characteristics. Through the introduction of air at elevated temperatures, the oxidation process transforms raw bitumen into a robust and durable substance. The specific conditions during production contribute to the unique qualities of oxidized bitumen 85/40, making it a standout choice in construction.

The steps of production can be listed as follows:

  • Raw bitumen selection
  • Heating the bitumen
  • Introduction of oxygen
  • Oxidation reaction
  • Cooling and stabilization
  • Quality control
  • Packaging

Technical Advantages of Oxidized Bitumen 85/40

  • Blown Bitumen 85/40 offers heightened stability by boasting a high softening point, ensuring resilience in varying temperatures.
  • With enhanced resistance to extreme temperatures, it provides stability in diverse weather conditions, making it suitable for versatile applications.
  • The material achieves greater hardness through oxidation, contributing to improved durability and longevity in construction projects.
  • Blown Bitumen 85/40 exhibits superior adhesion to substrates, ensuring a strong bond and longevity in road surfaces and construction materials.
  • It is a reliable choice for high-traffic areas and structures requiring extended service life.
  • Its water-proofing properties make it highly effective in roofing, pavement, and waterproofing projects, offering protection against water infiltration.
  • It provides a protective barrier in asphalt-based paints for metal structures.
  • The carefully controlled production process ensures consistent quality, guaranteeing predictable performance in construction applications.
  • The material’s versatility allows for a broad range of applications, showcasing adaptability in road construction, crack sealing, roofing, insulation, and more.
  • It provides valuable thermal and sound insulation properties, making it ideal for construction projects prioritizing insulation.


How to Apply Oxidized Bitumen (85/40)

Applying oxidized bitumen (85/40 is a straightforward process that begins with proper heating to achieve optimal viscosity. The application technique, whether using a brush, spray, or other tools, should ensure uniform coverage on the designated surface. Considering ambient temperature, curing time, and conducting a quality check post-application are crucial steps in achieving the best results for your construction project.

How to Store and Handle

Ensuring the proper storage and handling of oxidized bitumen 85/40 is essential for maintaining its integrity. You should store the material in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight and heat sources. When handling, you must prioritize safety by using appropriate protective gear to prevent skin contact and inhalation. Adhering to recommended storage and handling practices safeguards the material’s effectiveness and longevity.

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