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Penetration Bitumen 35/50

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What is Penetration Bitumen 35/50? Application and Production Details

Penetration Bitumen 35/50 is a specific bitumen type that plays a crucial role in road construction and other industries. The grade 35/50 means that the grade of bitumen penetration is between 30 to 50. So, this grade is determined based on the depth of penetration of a standard needle into the bitumen sample under specific conditions, measured in tenths of a millimeter. This particular bitumen penetration grade offers a balance between viscosity and plasticity, making it ideal for environments with moderate to high temperatures.

penetration bitumen applications

Industries that use Penetration Bitumen 35/50

This bitumen penetration grade is widely used in road construction due to its optimal balance of hardness and flexibility. It is also employed in roofing, waterproofing, and insulating materials in the building industry, offering durability and resilience.

Production Process of Penetration Bitumen 35/50

The manufacturing of Penetration Bitumen 35/50 involves several key steps:

Distillation of Crude Oil: The process begins with the distillation of crude oil in a refinery. During this phase, the oil is heated, separating it into various components based on their boiling points.

Separation of Heavy Fractions: The heavier fractions, which form the base of bitumen, are collected for further processing.

Air Blowing: This step involves blowing air through these heavy fractions. The process increases the bitumen’s viscosity and imparts the desired penetration characteristics.

Testing and Quality Control: The bitumen is then tested to ensure it meets the specific standards for Penetration Bitumen 35/50. Parameters like penetration depth, softening point, and viscosity are closely monitored.

Storage and Dispatch: Once approved, the bitumen is stored in large tanks or jumbo bags and later dispatched for industrial use.

Technical Advantages and Properties of Penetration Bitumen 35/50

Leaders from different industries prefer using penetration bitumen 35/50 due to its exceptional properties which are summarized below. 

Optimal Hardness and Flexibility: It strikes the right balance between being hard enough to bear heavy loads and flexible enough to withstand temperature variations.

High Durability: The bitumen is resistant to weathering and aging, ensuring longevity in construction projects.

Excellent Adhesion: It offers superior bonding properties, essential for road construction and roofing applications.

Thermal Stability: It remains stable under different temperature conditions, making it suitable for varied geographical locations.

Water Resistance: This bitumen grade effectively repels water, protecting structures from moisture-related damage.

How to Apply Penetration Bitumen 35/50

You should follow the correct application of Penetration Bitumen 35/50 guidance to achieve optimal performance. 

Preparation: Clean the application surface to remove debris and moisture, ensuring a strong bond.

Heating: Heat the bitumen to a fluid state, typically between 150°C to 170°C, for proper application.

Applying: Use specialized equipment to spread the heated bitumen evenly across the surface.

Layering: For road construction, apply it in layers, allowing each layer to settle before adding the next.

Cooling: Allow the bitumen to cool and set, forming a solid, durable layer.

Safety Measures: Always wear protective gear and follow safety protocols during the heating and application process to prevent accidents.

How to Store and Handle

Proper storage and handling of Penetration Bitumen 35/50 are vital for maintaining its quality. It should be stored in a cool, dry place and handled with care to prevent contamination. Safety measures must be observed during heating and application to avoid accidents.

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