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Penetration Bitumen 85/100

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What is Penetration Bitumen 85/100: Application and Production Details

Penetration Bitumen 85/100, also known as Asphalt Bitumen 85/100, is a high-viscosity bituminous pavement material. It is predominantly used in road construction, offering an optimal balance of hardness and flexibility. This bitumen grade is refined through a precise process, ensuring its suitability for road tar applications and waterproofing.

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Industries that Use Penetration Bitumen 85/100

Penetration Bitumen 85/100 is widely used across industries. From roadwork to waterproofing, its applications are diverse. Industries ranging from civil engineering to residential construction rely on this bitumen for its robust performance.


Production Process of Penetration Bitumen 85/100

Manufacturing bitumen grade 85/100 is a meticulous process, ensuring the final product meets the highest industry standards. You can find the detailed production process of penetration bitumen 85/100 as follows: 

Crude Oil Distillation: The process begins with the distillation of crude oil. This step separates the heavy bitumen from lighter hydrocarbons.

Vacuum Distillation: Following the initial distillation, vacuum distillation further refines the product, concentrating the bitumen.

Air Blowing: In this critical phase, air is blown through the bitumen, enhancing its viscosity and elasticity.

Penetration Test: The bitumen is then subjected to a penetration test, ensuring it falls within the 85/100 range, signifying its hardness.

Quality Control: Finally, rigorous quality control measures are undertaken to guarantee consistency and that performance standards are met.

Technical Advantages and Properties of Penetration Bitumen 85/100

Penetration Bitumen 85/100 boasts several technical advantages, making it ideal for a variety of applications. Key properties include:

Optimal Hardness: Balances durability and flexibility, suitable for varying climatic conditions.

High Viscosity: Ensures strong binding and resistance to shearing forces in road surfaces.

Water Resistance: Offers excellent waterproofing capabilities, crucial for subgrade protection in road construction.

Thermal Stability: Maintains consistency under temperature variations, reducing the risk of cracking.

Aging Resistance: A slower aging process compared to other grades, ensuring longevity of the infrastructure.

How to Apply Penetration Bitumen 85/100

Correct application of high-viscosity bitumen 85/100 is key to its effectiveness. The application process typically involves:

Heating: Bitumen must be heated to a specific temperature range, typically between 150°C to 170°C, for optimal viscosity.

Surface Preparation: The application surface should be clean, dry, and free of debris to ensure proper adhesion.

Application Technique: Depending on the project, spraying or manual spreading methods are used.

Layering: For road construction, it’s often applied in layers, each compacted before the next is added.

Cooling and Setting: After application, the bitumen needs time to cool and set, forming a durable, resilient surface.

How to Store and Handle

Proper storage and handling of industrial bitumen  85/100 are crucial. It should be stored in a cool, dry place and handled carefully to maintain its quality. Safety protocols must be followed to prevent accidents during transportation and application.

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