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Oxidized Bitumen 95/25

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What is Oxidized Bitumen 95/25, Application and Production Details?

Oxidized Bitumen 95/25, we know also as blown asphalt, represents a specialized form of bitumen. We produce this material by blowing air through pure bitumen at elevated temperatures, which alters its physical properties. Primarily we use that in road construction and waterproofing. Meanwhile, this hard bitumen variant offers enhanced durability and resistance against environmental factors.

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Production Process of Oxidized Bitumen 95/25

The production of Bitumen Oxidized 95/25 is a procedure that involves several critical steps:

Firstly, Selection of Base Material: The process begins with choosing high-quality base bitumen. The quality of the base material significantly affects the final product’s properties.

Secondly, Heating: The base bitumen is heated to a temperature of 230-260°C. This step is crucial to prepare the bitumen for the oxidation process.

Thirdly, Air Blowing: Air is blown through the heated bitumen. This step involves injecting air at controlled rates, which causes a chemical reaction, increasing the bitumen’s melting point and viscosity.

Moreover, Monitoring and Control: Throughout the process, constant monitoring is essential. The temperature, air flow, and reaction time are carefully controlled to achieve the desired product specifications.

In conclusion, Cooling and Settling: After reaching the required properties, the oxidized bitumen is cooled and allowed to settle. Then we test that for quality before being packaged for distribution.

Technical Advantages of Oxidized Bitumen 95/25

Also Bitumen Oxidized 95/25 offers several technical advantages that make it superior in specific applications:

Increased Durability: We enhance the viscosity and hardness contribute to a longer lifespan, particularly in demanding environments.

Higher Softening Point: This characteristic makes it suitable for high-temperature regions, preventing melting and deformation under heat.

Improved Water Resistance: Furthermore, Bitumen Oxidized 95/25 is highly resistant to water, making it ideal for waterproofing purposes in buildings, bridges, and roads.

Versatility: You can use in a variety of applications, ranging from roofing materials to industrial coatings.

Eco-Friendly: When you compare to other waterproofing and road construction materials, it offers an environmentally friendly alternative due to its durability and the reduced need for frequent replacements.


How to Apply Oxidized Bitumen 95/25

Application details as summary are as follows:

Preparation: You should ensure the surface to be treated is clean, dry, and free of debris.

Heating: You should heat the oxidized bitumen to a fluid state, typically around 150-170°C. It’s vital to avoid overheating, as this can alter its properties.

Application Methods:

  • Brush or Spray: For waterproofing, you should apply it with a brush or spray in layers, allowing each layer to dry before applying the next.
  • Pour and Spread: In road construction, you should pour the heated bitumen and spread evenly using a spatula or rake.

Safety Measures: Do not forget to use protective gear, as the material is applied hot, and ensure proper ventilation in enclosed spaces.

Cooling and Setting: you should allow the applied bitumen to cool and set properly. And, the setting time can vary based on environmental conditions.

How to Store and Handle

In conclusion, Proper storage and handling are vital for maintaining the quality of Bitumen Oxidized 95/25. And, You should store that in a dry, cool place and handled with care to prevent contamination.  You must adhere Safety measures to during handling, as the material is thermally sensitive and can pose risks if you don’t manage correctly.

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